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My work

Who is not dreaming to live in a world of beauty?

When I was thinking how to express my longing for BEAUTY TO EXIST ...I had understood that it's not enough to search for the beauty, it's not enough even to find the beauty...but I have to create it! To make beautiful things. I was feeling there was a kind of sunny motley, bursting to rush through me, longing to poor out itself in colors - bright and warm - and to overflow with it's waves the weary existence.

In the beginning I started to weave little things on a frame - wallets, handbags, later rucksacks, shawls and pillows. The more I have found myself in the weaving, the bigger expanse I needed... Then I already had looms: a horizontal one (razboi) and a vertical one (chiprovski, for carpets) and I began happily to weave rugs and carpets.

Working on the horizontal loom is as though you travel, singing, in a cart through a variegated field of tints and colors, which you yourself delightfully chose, and the rag simply is staying behind you like a rainbow, passed along with negligence...

On the vertical loom it is more difficult, more like a mountain climbing, but the view is worthing efforts. This loom is like a easel and the carpets could be more like paintings - not exactly meaning pictorial arts, but rather visions from a more sunny land.

My works are something in between the art and the craftsmanship. Their meaning is to have a practical value, to serve for something, to bring joy in the everyday life. I don't want the world of art - a sphere of beauty and delicate melody - to be separated, different from our ordinary, usual life. I want melody, joy and sun to be woven inside the things that we touch every day. The quality of life changes, when it is touched by the beauty... And it should be a warm beauty... it should be beauty, filled with tenderness. Even if the created thing is not so beautiful or perfect, let it be filled with love! This is what is shinning, this is what is giving the warmth and it could be seen always. It could be filled. Beauty is nothing, nothing without love!

This special element I am trying to weave into my carpets and it's enough to be inspired from a certain feeling, so that it's notes start to vibrate within me, painted in pure colors. The rest is simply days and days and days of labor. Weaving is not only a penetrating flight, but also a dogged work, filled with the peaceful rhythm of the craftsman. A single instant of inspiration... and weeks of heavy working. There for is needed love. But the joy of the eyes is always bigger than the fatigue of the hands.

Although the looms belong to the folklore, I wouldn't say my works are folk arts, because the very technique and the selection of the colors are beyond any kind of strict dogmatic arrangement, that is prone to exist in our national woven textures and embroideries. May be my things are not so neat, may be they are more chaotic, but more free in return.

I am trying to work exclusively only with natural materials - wool, cotton and hemp; but the wool is my favorite. I am using it not only spined in a thread, but I'm also experimenting with the so called "living wool" as it is before it is touched by the spindle. The material I am preparing myself - with the invaluable help of my husband, to whom I am inexpressibly thankful - I am washing the wool in the river, drying it in the sun to bleach it, then we bring it to "chepkalo" and "darak" (a kind of "machines" to tease it) and finally I am dying it in a cauldron on the yard, mixing with pleasure colors and hues I need.

When in the last autumn days of the year I am bringing the dried and colorful wool in my working room, I admit, I am feeling reach as a sorcerer! The winter can come now! I had collected the warmth of the summer - from dandelion yellow, through the green of grass or of emerald and my favorite cloudy-blue to the fiery-ember tints of the autumn... and to the bloody-red, which I am using very carefully, expressing the most sore craving...