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My sisters

Mine is the honor and the pleasure to introduce to you the art of my two sisters.

My elder sister Sevda is a painter. Our grandfather was also a painter and exclusively vivid, picturesque person - whom you can never forget; he is an inspirer for the whole lifetime. My sister graduated the Academy of Fine Arts, the same way as he did, and although her subject was "Illustration and book design", she prefers to draw painting in her unique manner. Here are some of her paintings, the rest you could see on her web-site, and you can write her here.

My younger sister Juliana (a mother of three boys) is archaeologist by education, but she loves the applied art. Her tiny works, made of combined cloths, yarn and living wool on wood are bringing home a cozy feeling of protection, that exists in the carefree childhood.

Her fine, delicate feeling of balance and the softness of forms and colors have always filled me with admiration and I have wanted to learn from her. Some people like me are needed of many colorful words to express a single feeling... others just with a slight gentle touch - as in haiku - are able to create a real poetry...

You can write her here.