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My river

sunsetThe Danube...

that never repeats her colors... lovingly gazed at the immense skies, to which every moment she devotes the azure of her soul. Crimson-scarlet in the sunset of this day, fiery-blazing in the other, offering the tender lilac waves of her feelings to her beloved sky in unending attempt to seize the rays of his smile, to reflect in her moving breast... the unfallen oceans of passionate rain, weighed heavily in the imminent clouds... And how likes this river in love to absorb in the pouring springtime the teardrops of his relief in melted snows... How joyfully overflows her strands than, how tensely leans against and in a moment laughingly tears her dikes like unnecessary clothes... How she floods the riverside poplar forests and in the shadow of her happy eyes the submerged skies lie down... And how she loves to playfully flirt with her strands in a carrying away waltz... two steps forwards... one back... now she fondles them with her waters, now she withdraws ashamed... At times she could look calm and wise in her white-haired antiquity... But never could the running water grow old! How always young she is as the last brooking springtime! How determinedly and vigorously spring out her feelings again and again... How are welling out her tinted in unearthly, supernal colors waters... unendingly... How passionately carried away is she in her long way under the sky.

I pray to gain the wisdom of the river - to be constant and unaltered; and at the same time always changing, springing out, new and anew.... To be always at my place in my blessed by God runway; and at the same time to unendingly run and meander wild under the beloved sky. I pray to have her smiling shiny calmness in a summer afternoon; and at the same time the trembling of her waves in the deafening autumn wind; but also the depth of her springtime secrets in the blossoming with stars nights of May...