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My master

The name of the merciful saint, who brought the light of the Divine touch in my life is Bhakti Kamala Tirtha Maharadj, a Hungarian, a Hindu monk from the Gaudiya Math, the Vaishnava line of Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Thakur - a great Indian spiritual leader from 19th century. I call him "my Gurudev" - my Divine Master.

Why do we need a spiritual master? Why do we need a mediator between us and God? Is not God closer to us than the blood in our veins?

God is close to us, but we are far from Him. And if Guru stands between us and God, it is not to separate, but to connect us. Guru is a spreaded friendly hand, a bridge over an abyss. Guru is light in the darkness, Guru is the boatman, who can lead the fragile boat over the foaming waters.

Do not we need such a gentle friend? Do not we need an enlightener when the road is dark? Do not we seek a ford over the stormy waters? Do not we cry, when we are drowning in desperation: "For God's sake, where are you, Boatman!?"

Guru is not someone who tells us how to live our life, who thinks and feels instead of us. He does not wish to rule over us, but to show us our wings. If we follow his advice, miracles can happen.

Every person, if not always, at least in critical situations can distinctively hear his or her inner voice. Some call it "conscience", others "internal leader". The Indians call it "chetya guru" - the teacher in the heart. And it is such a blessing to be able to hear this internal voice speaking to you from the outside and in the light of his smiling eyes your conscience to whisper only "Yes! Yes! Yes!... "

I bow down in the feet of my saint!

Please allow me to offer you a small part of the words of my master, carefully gathered by his disciples, and also some of his inspired songs for God.

Songs of Gurudev: