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My God


My God is Love.

Bhakti Abhay Narayan MaharajMy God is in love. Krishna is not some Indian God, but one of the sacred names of the One Lord. Krishna means The All Attractive. Isn't it God? But even He, God, who attracts everyone is attracted by Love. Who is then the center of the Universe - asks smilingly Bhakti Abhai Narayan Maharadj, the Master of my Spiritual Master - no, it is not Krishna! It is Love! But if there wasn't the beautiful Lord, the tender flute player, Love also would not be. The sense of Love is... the Beloved. Beauty and Love mutually create, reveal and increase each other. God and the soul unceasingly run after and seek each other in a love game, their union and separation unendingly interlace as in a dance of lovers.

The Spiritual world is not somewhere, eternity could be felt in a single moment here and now... but this is completely another universe, weaved by the finest feelings, alive, breathing world, blossomed in beauty and love. This is not the cold cosmos of a just Lord - perfect, but motionless like a crystal. No, this is the garden of love, scattered with the blazing flowers of longings and sweet tears, where my tender, naughty God is seeking thrillingly the eyes of His Beloved...