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My animals

"The little brothers" as they are called by the Master Dunov.

Who also have bellies and feel hunger. Who also suffer the pain, when they are hurted. Who also have feelings like us. When the Buddhists are talking about compassion, they direct it to "all the sensual beings". These are not only us, people! When the Buddhists are talking about the "immeasurable love" it could be really noticed in the eyes of these confiding creatures, with such a mildness entrusting their lives in our hands. The IMMEASURABLE love is not only infinite and all-pervading... but it just cannot be measured! WHO could measure the love of the other?

Let our warmth and tenderness be directed to them also! They also need, like everybody else, love and care. And they are responding...

We are complaining against the increasing criminality. We dream about a peaceful world. And in the same time we are easily wiping out the lives of thousands and millions of animals - simply to delight our tongues! As if though mother earth is not providing us any other kind of food! As if we are facing the dilemma: kill or you'll be killed! If we live in such a world of exploitation - we also will find ourselves exploited. If we live according to the low of jungle - then why do we complain against it?

My Master says, if we want to avoid the violence - it is US, who should make the first step.